How to turn anything into a business

A workshop for anybody who wants to turn their dreams into reality

  • Do you want to quit your job and start your own business?
  • Are you trying to find out how to turn your passion into a money generating business?
  • Do you want to make your current business more profitable/visible?
  • How to live light, with less ‘stuff’ and have everything digitized, whether you want to live location independently or not.

Date: 27th May, 20h00 – 21h30.

Location: Online

Investment: €47

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“Esther knows how to turn obstacles into stepping stones”


No excuses lady Esther shares her experiences and will give concrete tips on how to create your dream life. Each participant gets the opportunity to share their current situation and dream. Then we all help to bridge that gap. It is interesting that by both receiving and giving tips, your added value becomes very clear. At the end of the session, you will have a better understanding of how you can contribute to others and your (business) offer. An inspiring afternoon about seeing and seizing opportunities, how to turn things around, finding creative solutions and access to a world of possibilities and like-minded people.

Esther has:

  • raised €16 million for charities
  • given over 1000 keynote speeches and 2 TEDx speeches
  • (co)authored 24 books
  • participated in the Survivor reality TV show
  • been fired from her home country for traveling too much
  • lived, worked and played in 100 countries
  • helped and inspired tens of thousands of people all over the world

So she can help you to turn small and big dream into reality; both in the business, and social realm.

The workshop will be in English or Dutch (depending on the language of the participants).

For Dutchies who want to be inspired, there is this video recording of a previous workshop:

“I could not sleep because I was so excited by all the ideas and energy!”

“Esther’s no-nonsense approach has helped me to make huge steps in the past two years. As a speaker, with free publicity and in my business. Successful AND authentic, exactly like Esther.”

“…and also the stories of the others around the table: cool!”

“I came here with a great idea. But I was stuck. Esther helps to turn ideas into reality: razor-sharp, creative and practical.”

“Esther knows how to turn obstacles into stepping stones.”

“The plan to take a world trip with my son is taking serious form. We are now coloring a world map and making a list of what we want to visit and how we are going to do it … In addition, I am also testing the possibilities of my treatments at locations abroad. I fly to Ibiza in October! “- Audrea

“Esther shows that opportunities are everywhere, and it is often very close.”
Sharmila Angulal

“I am inspired not to try and reinvent the wheel, but to use what I already have.”
Chantal Groot Kormelink

“Success is often found in win-win-win situations. Esther shows how you can create them.”
Cindy van Dorst

“Experimenting with saying ‘yes’; there is a profit for me.”

“I have received new words for something I have been doing for a long time.”
Mariska Vonk

“Making time for new ideas and applying them, that is the most important lesson for me”.

“Listen to the questions that come to you. I learned to open myself to these opportunities.”

“What remains with me is saying ‘Yes’. I want to do more with that. ”
Yvonne Verschure

“Seeing opportunities and taking these opportunities. We should actually be much more open to that combination.”
Mirande Voskuylen

“With every experience, you can help someone. Have the courage to do it. Just taking action is my biggest eye opener.”
Marian Koek

“You often have ideas but you don’t act on it. My insight is that that is not saying ‘yes’, but saying ‘no’.”
Bianca van der Zwet

“What I want to do more consciously in the coming period is to search for another paradigm.”
Marja van Velzen

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