“The book that will most change your life is the one you write…”

Have you ever considered writing your book? Writing a book helps you share your message and become an authority in your area of expertise.

I’ve authored and co-authored over 25 books, been a writing coach for over 400 people and organized 20 writing retreats. I’ve discovered the best system to write a great book within 1 week to 6 months.

My secret? Start with the back cover. This is your marketing material and promise to your readers. Plus it gives you the structure for your writing process.

In these blogs you’ll find free tips about writing, promoting and publishing your book.

Write your book in reverse


Write your book in reverse Do NOT make the no. 1 mistake while writing your book. I've seen it too many times: inexperienced writers start off typing away enthusiastically... Until they get stuck. Going back and re-writing is not appealing. This is where most book projects disappear into [...]

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Publishing your book


Publishing your book Working with a publisher You can approach a publisher with your book idea, title, back cover, table of contents or structure and an intro or first chapter. They will also want to know how big your reach is. Think of the number of followers [...]

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10 ideas for a successful non-fiction book


Some of the best book ideas are very simple. Starting with a proven format will make the writing process much less overwhelming. Let's dive into the 10 most successful non-fiction book ideas to get you inspired.

10 ideas for a successful non-fiction book2020-05-04T00:15:07+02:00

Write a book


Is one of your intentions to finally write that book that you have been dreaming about for a ages? I'll give you tips and inspiration so that you no longer have an excuse! 😉

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Inspired by…


Inspired by... I made a list of authors who influence and inspire me in my writing. An interesting exercise, because it made me realize what kind of person/writer I want to be. Who inspires you? These are my heroes: Neil Strauss (The Game, Emergency, The Truth): Surprises every [...]

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Storytelling – inspiration shot Sept 2018


Storytelling - inspiration shot Sept 2018 Imagine the mayor of the city you are visiting for a conference, welcoming you with a keynote presentation and a song... Or meeting a friendly, modest man by the campfire, who turns out to be the singer-songwriter on stage the next [...]

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Book inspiration – inspiration shot Feb 2018


Book inspiration - inspiration shot Feb 2018 I'll never forget... ...the day I held the first print of my first book in my hand. I felt proud of the achievement, excitement that others would soon have access to my story, and the satisfaction of a huge project completed. Can [...]

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Your own book


Your own book A book is a great way to share your unique message. A free ebook will remove all barriers and help you to reach the largest possible audience. A book can also strengthen your reputation as a speaker or expert in your field, [...]

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Writing tips


Writing coach a welcoming idea? Would you like to have someone to share ideas with and check on your progress? Someone to help you determine the structure of your book and give tips on your writing style? And what about keeping you accountable? If you are looking for [...]

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The birth of a book


The birth of a book Tips for writing, publishing and promoting your book based on the example of my book Jij bent een TopVrouw. Do not hesitate to use existing material This book is a collection of columns that were previously published in the Woman supplement of De [...]

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