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Life in captivity – Inspiration shot April 2020


Who do you think are best equipped to handle the current lockdown and quarantine; people who are used to 'captivity', such as the elderly, refugees and people formerly in hiding, or people who are used to a lot of freedom, such as digital nomads? Strangely enough, it turns out that the latter group (which I consider myself belonging to) deals better with the current situation than some other population groups.

Life in captivity – Inspiration shot April 20202020-04-28T11:49:14+02:00

A different perspective on freedom – Inspiration Shot April 2020


Worldwide quarantine offers us the opportunity to take a new look at things that we normally take for granted. I have written about freedom many times, and it is usually along the lines of “Enjoy the world while traveling, making your own choices, etc.” Today, more than ever, it turns out that real freedom is in your head and not so much in your circumstances.

A different perspective on freedom – Inspiration Shot April 20202020-04-15T11:49:12+02:00

First aid in times of Corona


Are you finding it difficult to make it through these strange times? We all face challenges, but there are also plenty of opportunities. This is a short 'newsflash' with inspiration, humor and examples of some unconventional ideas

First aid in times of Corona2020-04-01T15:38:34+02:00

Travel in times of Corona


Esther is traveling to from Curacao to Miami while the USA is in lock down due to the corona virus.

Travel in times of Corona2020-04-01T13:11:57+02:00

New Adventures – Inspiration Shot February 2020


Do you know that feeling? That you are on the cusp of something new, something exciting, something that makes your heart beat faster? That special energy that makes you completely radiant when you talk about it? So excited that others are ignited by your enthusiasm? I have that feeling now!

New Adventures – Inspiration Shot February 20202020-03-10T09:40:23+01:00

Life lessons from ski


Do you focus on what’s immediately in front of you, or do you keep your look on the future, on the horizon, the bigger picture? I had a private ski lesson that taught me some important life lessons.

Life lessons from ski2020-03-10T09:40:08+01:00

Friction – Inspiration Shot January 2020


While I was roaming the French Alps last week, I was able to control my speed by controlling the amount of friction between my skis and the snow. I realized that slowing down by creating friction in this way is actually wasted energy. Tesla has a better solution: when you brake in their electric car, the friction that is created is captured and used to charge the battery...

Friction – Inspiration Shot January 20202020-03-10T09:40:06+01:00

Write your book in reverse


Write your book in reverse Do NOT make the no. 1 mistake while writing your book. I've seen it too many times: inexperienced writers start off typing away enthusiastically... Until they get stuck. Going back and re-writing is not appealing. This is where most book projects disappear into [...]

Write your book in reverse2020-05-04T00:21:59+02:00